Good Bye ANA All Nippon Airpways Boeing 747-400(D) Last flighted at Japan.

全機退役!さようならジャンボジェット ANA 全日本空輸 ボーイング747-400(D)

Good Bye ANA All Nippon Airpways Boeing 747-400(D) Last flighted at Japan.
It is a collection of pictures that recorded the flight of the jumbo jet aircraft where all aircraft were retired from Japan.In the airliner owned by a Japanese airline company the Boeing 747 of All Nippon Airways Co., which became the last jumbo jet, was a “return flight” to fly on the route that had been in service since October 2014.This aircraft began at Hakodate Airport in October 2014 and took off and landing at six airports all over Japan until the last flight at Nagasaki airport was completed.Another “graduation flight” was carried out at Sendai and Fukushima airports affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.At Osaka International Airport where the arrival and departure of jumbo jet is restricted, the Itami event “Welcome back! Jumbo sightseeing flight” was held in cooperation with airport officials and local residents.This video is a collection of recorded videos that followed the retirement of Jumbo Jet recording the appearance of flights at Komatsu Airport, Itami Airport, Sendai Airport, Fukushima Airport, and Narita Airport, which is part of the airport

Good Bye ANA All Nippon Airpways Boeing 747-400(D) Last flighted at Japan.

0:00 November 10, 2013- Komatsu Airport
4:42 January 12, 2013- Itami Airport(Osaka international airport)
12:29 March 15, 2014- Sendai Airport
29:12 March 15, 2014- Fukushima Airport
37:40 March 16, 2014- Tokyo Narita international airport to Kumamoto airport.

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