Tourist Attractions of Zao Echo Line Zao’s Okama Crater and Fudo Falls | Zao Town, Miyagi Prefecture Japan

蔵王エコーラインの観光名所 蔵王のお釜と不動の滝

This is a 26km Zao Echo Line and High Line connecting Togatta Onsen in Zao town, Katta-gun, Miyagi Prefecture Japan to Bodaira Kogen in Yamagata Prefecture Japan.
This is a mountain sightseeing road where you can enjoy a drive while watching the majestic nature of the Zao Mountain Range in the Ou Mountains.
You can enjoy beautiful scenery such as seasonal scenery such as fresh green and autumn leaves and Zao’s okama crater, which is a scenic spot of Miyagi Prefecture.

Tohoku Miyagi Zao’s okama crater and Fudo no Taki Falls Japanese spring landscape
This video contains three scenic spots where you can go through the Zao Echo Line and High Line.

Takimidai is a view spot where you can see the three falls, the Fudo Falls and the Jizo Falls and Sankai falls. Anyone can drop in casually because there is a paved parking lot and an observation deck.
The trees around the observatory are growing and it is somewhat difficult to see, but you can enjoy beautiful scenery especially in the season of fresh green and autumn leaves.
Since it is not included in the Zao Echo Line’s winter closed section from early November to late April, it is a tourist attraction in Togatta Onsenkyo where you can experience the severe snow scene of Tohoku.

Komakusadaira Observatory
Komakusadaira is located at a location down from the Zao okama creter toward Togatta Onsen, and is a view spot named after the bloom of Dicentra peregrina flowers in early summer.

Zao’s okama crater
The caldera is formed by the volcanic activity of the Zao Mountains, which is said to have been active for one million years, and it is said that Zao’s okama crater was formed by the accumulation of water there. The quality of the water is an acidic freshwater lake, does not inhabit any creatures, has a color like emerald green, and is also called Goshikinuma.
It is a tourist attraction representing Miyagi Prefecture with the Okudamiya of Kattamine Shrine and the Zao summit restaurant.

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Zao’s okama crater
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