ANA Boeing 767-300 JA8674 Yume Jet~You&Me~ Landing&Take off at Osaka International Airport

大阪伊丹空港 ANA60周年特別塗装機 ゆめジェット~You&Me~ ボーイング767-300 JA8674

ANA All Nippon Airways Boeing 767-300 JA8674 YUME JET~You&Me~ Take off and Landing at Osaka International Airport in Japan.
On December 1, 2012, All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd. celebrated its 60th anniversary and Aircraft Design Contest was held as one of ANA’s 60th anniversary commemoration project.The design of the smiling painter RIE who won the grand prize in this contest was painted on ANA Boeing 767-300 Yume Jet ~ You & Me ~.
This aircraft was first in service as a domestic scheduled flight from 23rd February 2013.

ANA Boeing 767-300 JA8674 Yume Jet~You&Me~ Landing&Take off at Osaka International Airport

Airport&Runway:Osaka International Airport Japan.(SDJ/RJSS) R/W27
Airline:All Nippon Airways(NH/ANA)
Aircraft:Boeing 767-300(Boeing 767-381)

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