ANA foundation 60th anniversary Yume Jet Boeing 767-300 Take off from Akita Airport

秋田空港 全日本空輸創立60周年記念特別塗装機 ゆめジェット~You&Me~の離陸

ANA All Nippon Airways foundation 60th anniversary Yume Jet ~ You & Me ~ which is a special painting Aircraft for Boeing 767-300 JA8674 Take off from Akita Airport.
“Yume Jet ~ You & Me ~” contains the feeling that it will be a dreamlike airplane that you and me can cross over the border and become friends.The design of the aircraft was applied for 7042 works in 36 countries in the world, but this was selected as a grand prize by Artist Rie, an artist living in Tokyo.

ANA foundation 60th anniversary Yume Jet Take off from Akita Airport

Airport&Runway:秋田空港/Akita Airport.(AXT/RJSK) RWY10
Airline:全日本空輸/All Nippon Airways(NH/ANA)
Aircraft:ボーイング767/Boeing 767-300(Boeing 767-381)
registration:JA8674 ゆめジェット~You&Me~

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  1. 秋田空港の夜景と飛行機の着陸 全日本空輸 ボーイング787-8ドリームライナー

    ANA Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner JA819A landing at Akita Airport in the night

  2. 秋田空港 2機連続での旅客機離着陸 JALエクスプレス ボーイング737

    2 Aircraft landing & Take off at Akita Airport | JAL Boeing 737 ERJ-170

  3. 秋田空港 全日本空輸 ボーイング787-8の離陸と羽田への引き返し

    ANA All Nippon Airways Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner NH872 flight takeoff and NH871 flight diverted.

  4. 全日本空輸 ボーイング767-300 JA8275

    Aircraft taking off and landing at Akita Airport, where the storm is blowing | Akita Airport, Akita Prefecture Japan

  5. 秋田空港 全日本空輸 ボーイング787-8 JA801Aの離着陸

    All Nippon Airways Boeing 787-8 JA801A takeoff and landing at Akita Airport

  6. 雪の秋田空港飛行機着陸 全日本空輸 エアバスA320-200

    Akita Airport in winter Beautiful snow scenery and take-off and landing of airplanes

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