Youtube channel introduction video 2016

Japan Videography Youtubeチャンネル紹介動画 2016

Since 2009, Japan Videography’s Youtube channel has released a variety of videos, including videos of scenery from all over Japan, beautiful fireworks displays, and videos of vehicles such as airplanes and bullet trains.
Thanks to everyone, the total number of views of the video has exceeded 20 million, and the number of subscribers reached 15,000 as of 2016.
We will continue to do our best to deliver high quality video, so please continue to subscribe to the Youtube channel and watch the video. We also provide video materials and shoot, so please check the website and contact us when making a request.

Youtube channel introduction video 2016


  1. テレコンバージョンレンズ比較 Raynox HDP-9000EX&Sony VCL-HG1758&Canon TL-H58

    teleconversion lens Raynox HDP – 9000EX with Sony VCL-HG1758 and Canon TL-H 58

  2. Canon camcorder XA20/XA25 暗所撮影 仙台空港夜景テスト映像

    Canon HD Camcorder XA20 Night Low light test Video

  3. Adobe Premiere Pro フィルムルック プラグイン Film convert

    Adobe Premiere pro Cinematic Film Look Plugin Film convert

  4. 全日本空輸のジャンボジェット機 ボーイング747退役記念動画 35年間ありがとう!

    Thanks Jumbo ANA BOEING 747-400D Memorial Video

  5. YoutubeチャンネルJapan Videographyの紹介動画

    My Youtube channel introduction video | BMPCC6K Cinematic 5K Footage | Japan Videography

  6. F1.8通しシグマ Artライン 標準ズームレンズ Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 DC HSM|Art Lens with BMPCC6K 暗所撮影レビュー

    6K Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 DC HSM | Art Lens with BMPCC6K Night Shot in Miyagi Japan

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