Winter landscape Japan’s three major waterfalls Snow scene of Akiu Otaki | Sendai City Miyagi Prefecture

宮城県仙台市 冬の秋保大滝

Akiu Falls in winter, which has been selected as a national scenic spot and three major waterfalls in Japan.This is located in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture Japan.It is a natural scenery of the upper stream of the Natori River, a first-class river flowing through the Zao National Park and the prefectural natural park Futakuchi Gorge.
It is surrounded by greenery in spring and summer, brilliant golden in autumn with fall foliage, and becomes a snowy landscape in winter.

Japan’s Three Great Waterfalls Akiu Waterfall Miyagi Prefecture Winter Landscape

In recent years, warm winters have been continuing, and even in areas with relatively heavy snow, it has become less common to see pure white snow scenery.However, it seems that icefalls can be seen at Akiu Otaki Falls when extremely cold days continue.

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