Watari Summer Festival Fireworks Show 2021 | Miyagi japan

2021年 わたり夏の夕べ 亘理町サプライズ花火 | 宮城県亘理町

This is a video of a surprise fireworks show on a Watari summer evening held at Torinoumi Park in Watari Town, Miyagi Prefecture Japan on August 15, 2021.
The annual “Watari Furusato Summer festival” was canceled, and from the perspective of preventing the spread of coronavirus infection, a surprise fireworks display was launched in a secret manner without disclosing the location or prior notice.
After the summer festival resumed after the Great East Japan Earthquake, the fireworks launch site was relocated again, and fireworks were launched from the vicinity of the embankment on the east side of Torinoumi Park.
The fireworks launch range was wider than before, and the event was held at the powerful Wide star mine fireworks display.
The music wide star mine, which synchronizes the music and fireworks that is held every year, was not performed, and the fireworks were launched from up to 5 places without music.
The fireworks were launched by Sato Fireworks Co., Ltd. in Iwanuma City, Miyagi Prefecture, who won second place in the 12 inch fireworks shell section of the Tsuchiura All Japan Online Fireworks Competition, which was held online last year.
In addition to the long rains that continued throughout Japan during the Obon festival, I thought that fireworks could not be seen due to the influence of the state of emergency for coronavirus infection.
However, I enjoyed the beautiful Widestar Mine, which is hard to see in Miyagi prefecture.

Watari Summer Festival Fireworks Show 2021 | Miyagi japan

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