One month after the Great East Japan Earthquake, Gamo District, Miyagino-ku, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture Japan


The Gamo area of Miyagi-no-ku, Sendai city, Miyagi prefecture Japan is known for its Sendai Port on the north side and the Gamo tidal flat on the east side where wild birds fly.On the south side there is the Nanakita River estuary, and there were houses in places like River island.
Most buildings in this area have been affected by the tsunami caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake.
The farther away from the coast, the less severe the damage, but the surrounding area is flooded on the first floor of the house.
Neighboring people who have calmed down their evacuation lives have been looking for remaining household goods.

The Gamo area of Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, was not only damaged by the tsunami, but also had a fire, and it seems that it was burning overnight after the occurrence of the Tohoku Earthquake.
Later interviews revealed that some people were left behind on the second floor of the house, and the first floor seemed to be on the verge of burning in the house with the water still flooded.

Previously, I lived on the ground floor of this apartment, but rubble and vehicles flowed in and destroyed walls and windows.

Vehicles swept away by the tsunami have been laid down while colliding with cherry trees.

It seems that the fire on the second floor was severe because the water level did not drop easily after the tsunami.

All furniture was knocked down by the tsunami, except for furniture that was fixed to prevent earthquakes.
Household appliances were also submerged, making most of the household goods unusable.


It seems that the flow of the tsunami was weak around the kitchen.

The first floor is almost completely submerged.
Tatami and household goods were shed from the west to the east.

Since the room was on the west side, traces of broken walls from the west to the east remain.This area seems to have been strongly affected by the fire.

Date: April 10, 2011
Picture taken at: 1 Gamo, Miyagino-ku, Sendai city Miyagi Prefecture Japan

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