Tsumago-Juku(妻籠宿) | Walk the Histric Post town in Nagano Japan

妻籠宿 江戸時代の歴史と風景を残す中山道 木曽路十一宿の街並み

Walk the Histric Post town in Nagano Japan

Located on the eastern bank of the Araragi River in Nagiso Town, Kiso District, Nagano Prefecture Japan, Tsumago-juku(妻籠宿) is the 42nd post town(Syukuba, 宿場) on the Nakasendo, one of the five highways constructed during the Edo period.
Nakasendo is a 540km highway that connects Kyo and Edo, and there are 69 post towns between the current Nihonbashi in Tokyo and the Sanjo Ohashi in Kyoto Prefecture, which is the end point.
The part that passes through the Kiso region is called Kiso Kaido or Kisoji, and 11 post towns consisting of Kamishisyuku, Nakasansyuku, and Shimoshisyuku are set up, and the generic name is also called Kiso 11juku.
Since the beginning of the Showa period, the cityscape preservation business has become a basic policy, and in 1973, the townscape preservation ordinance “Tsumagojuku Preservation Ordinance” was enacted.
Three years later, it was praised for its efforts to preserve the landscape along with the revision to the “Tsumagojuku Preservation District Preservation Ordinance,” and it became the first site to be selected as an important traditional buildings preservation district in the country.
Currently, it is popular as a tourist attraction that represents Kisoji along with the adjacent Magome-juku(馬籠宿), and is visited by many tourists including foreigners.

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