4K UHD Tsuchiura & Omagari Fireworks Festival 2022 | Ibaraki Japan

2022年 土浦の花火~後世に伝える匠の技~ 第2章 2大花火競技大会 「土浦」「大曲」夢の競演

Tsuchiura Fireworks held every Saturday from January 15th to February 5th, 2022 in Tsuchiura City, Ibaraki Prefecture-Takumi’s technique to pass on to posterity.
Chapter 2 of this fireworks display is a video of the co-starring of Tsuchiura and Omagari’s dream, which are the two major fireworks competitions in Japan.
The Tsuchiura All Japan Fireworks Competition has been canceled for the second consecutive year due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection that has continued since the spring of 2020.
Tsuchiura Fireworks was held as an alternative project with the aim of supporting fireworks vendors who were forced into a difficult situation because fireworks could not be launched and to support Tsuchiura citizens who continue to refrain from living.
On February 11, 2022, the final day of the event, fireworks were launched by the local pyrotechnician of Tsuchiura Fireworks and Omagari Fireworks, which are the three major fireworks festivals in Japan.
On the final day, 2000 beautiful fireworks were launched.

4K UHD Japan Tsuchiura & Omagari Fireworks Festival

0:00 5.6 inch shells of Tsuchiura Fireworks
4:06 Pyromusical

12 inch shells of tsuchiura Fireworks
6:40 Mori Fireworks factory
6:50 Mori Fireworks factory
7:00 Nomura Fireworks industry
7:11 Yamazaki Fireworks manufacturering
7:21 Marutamaya Ogatsu Fireworks
7:31 Nomura Fireworks industry
7:41 Chikuhoku Kakoh Horigome Fireworks
7:51 Nomura Fireworks industry
8:01 Marutamaya Ogatsu Fireworks
8:12 Nomura Fireworks industry
8:21 Marutamaya Ogatsu Fireworks
8:31 Nomura Fireworks industry
8:41 Chikuhoku Kakoh Horigome Fireworks
8:51 Yamazaki Fireworks manufacturering
9:02 Mori Fireworks factory
9:11 Chikuhoku Kakoh Horigome Fireworks
9:21 Kanazawa Fireworks Fectory
9:31 Nomura Fireworks industry
9:41 Yamazaki Fireworks manufacturering
9:50 Kanazawa Fireworks Fectory

10:11 5.6 inch shells Creation Fireworks of Tsuchiura Fireworks
12:00 5.6 inch shells Creation Fireworks of Omagari Fireworks
13:08 Pyromusical of Omagari Fireworks

12 inch shells of Omagari Fireworks
15:48 Hibikiya Omagari Fireworks
15:58 Hibikiya Omagari Fireworks
16:13 Komatsu Fireworks Industry
16:25 Komatsu Fireworks Industry
16:39 Wabiya
16:52 Wabiya
17:06 North Japan Fireworks
17:18 North Japan Fireworks
17:31 Hibikiya Omagari Fireworks
17:43 Hibikiya Omagari Fireworks
17:55 Komatsu Fireworks Industry
18:06 Komatsu Fireworks Industry
18:17 Wabiya
18:29 Wabiya
18:44 North Japan Fireworks
18:55 North Japan Fireworks
19:08 Hibikiya Omagari Fireworks
19:19 Hibikiya Omagari Fireworks
19:31 Komatsu Fireworks Industry
19:44 Komatsu Fireworks Industry

20:00 8 inch shells of tsuchiura Fireworks

23:28 Ending Pyromusical/Omagari Fireworks
27:01 Ending Pyromusical/Tsuchiura Fireworks

いいね ! しよう


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