Total lunar eclipse in Japan April 4, 2015

2015年4月4日 皆既月食 観測地:宮城県名取市

This is the total lunar eclipse we observed on April 4, 2015. The lunar eclipse is an astronomical show seen when the sun and the earth, and the moon line up in line. This is a phenomenon seen when the sun’s light is blocked by the earth and the light does not reach the moon. This year, we were able to see the moon which was blessed with the weather and became red copper which is seen during the total lunar eclipse.

Observation place: Natori city, Miyagi prefecture Japan
The beginning of the partial lunar eclipse: 19: 15
The beginning of the total lunar eclipse: 20:54
Maximum lunar eclipse: 21: 00
End of the total lunar eclipse: 21: 06
End of partial lunar eclipse: 22:45

Total lunar eclipse in Japan April 4, 2015

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