2021 Fireworks project commemorating the 5th anniversary of the enforcement of Tomiya City Miyagi Japan

2021年 富谷市市制施行5周年記念「花火プロジェクト」| 宮城県富谷市

Tomiya City, which was born on October 10, 2016 as the 14th city in Miyagi Prefecture Japan, celebrated its 5th anniversary in 2021 and the “Fireworks Project” was held to celebrate its achievements.
In addition to the fireworks project, the opening ceremony of the Tomiyasyuku Tourism Exchange Station, which was scheduled to open last year as part of the Tomiyasyuku 400th Anniversary Project, was postponed for one year.
Music performances and evening tenant sales were held at this event.
Tomiya City has a history of more than 400 years since the birth of Tomiya-syuku, when Date Masamune ordered the establishment of a post station.
This city became the 14th city in Miyagi prefecture by implementing the city system independently without merging with neighboring cities, towns and villages.
In addition, Tomiya City is highly evaluated for its administrative services as well as its degree of security and convenience.
For that reason, in the city’s living comfort ranking, it ranked first in Miyagi prefecture for the third consecutive year and first in the Tohoku region for the second consecutive year.
It continues to develop under the slogan of “The city that makes you want to live-the number one city in Japan where people continue to increase for 100 years”.

2021 Fireworks project commemorating the 5th anniversary of the enforcement of Tomiya City Miyagi Japan


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