Night Plane Spotting at Sendai Airport, Shot on Sony a7S, Low Light Test

Sony α7Sテスト 仙台空港の美しい夜景と飛行機離着陸映像集

This is the beautiful runway at night at Sendai Airport and the airplane takeoff and landing.The sight that the shining runway light like the christmas lights of the winter reflected to the arriving and departing airliner and looks like a shooting star was very beautiful.
Although it is Sendai Airport suffered from the East Japan Great Earthquake, it is very pleasant that an airplane will arrive at more departures than before the disaster. This video is taken with Sony α 7S, a mirrorless single lens reflex camera equipped with a full size CMOS sensor released by Sony on June 20, 2014, the latest camera with ISO 409600 overwhelming high sensitivity image sensor and low light shooting performance is. The lens used is not a specially bright lens, but even if you increase the sensitivity up to ISO 16000, you can shoot bright and noiseless beautiful videos.

Night Plane Spotting at Sendai Airport, Shot on Sony a7S, Low Light Test

SONY a7S Night Shot,Low Light Test – Night Plane Spotting at Sendai Airport

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