Terrace Fireworks Show in Iwate Japan 2021 | Hanamaki, Iwate Japan

2021年 テラスハナビ岩手~煌めく年へ~ | 岩手県花巻市

Since last year, fireworks festivals have been canceled one after another in Japan due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection(COVID-19).
A fireworks event was launched on December 4, 2021 at Hanamaki Sports Land in Hanamaki City, Iwate Prefecture Japan, to support the fireworks traders who were in a difficult situation.
A total of about 250 shots fireworks will be held for 7 minutes, planned by Mr. Aiki, a fireworks appreciator living in Hanamaki City, and collecting support funds collected in advance through crowdfunding, as well as own funds and corporate sponsorship funds.
The fireworks were launched by North Japan Fireworks Co., Ltd. in Daisen City, Akita Prefecture in tohoku, which is known for its fireworks town, and a splendid and wonderful fireworks show in the Omagari style colored the clear night sky in winter.

6K UHD Terrace Fireworks Show in Iwate Japan 2021

0:00 Opening Fireworks 4.5 inch shells 3 shots

1:00 5.6 inch shells request fireworks display
Peacock in the sky
Mandala of light
Night flight

2:41 5.6 inch shells Artistic Fireworks display
Spring snow passionflower by Katoh Fireworks
Crystal flower by Marugo
Inexhaustible by Marugo
Silver pistil gradation by Marugo

4:19 Finale Fireworks Show / Lights overlapping at night


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