Matsushima Tedaru Fireworks Festival 2020 | Matsushima, Miyagi Japan

2020 松島手樽を元気にする協議会収穫花火大会 | 宮城県松島町

Matsushima Tedaru Fireworks Festival 2020

This is a video of the Matsushima Tedaru Fireworks Festival held at Tedaru Seaside Park in Matsushima Town, Miyagi Prefecture Japan on October 24, 2020.
When I was sightseeing in Matsushima, there were stalls lined up in Tetaru Seaside Park, so when I stopped by, I knew that there was a fireworks display at night and just watched it.
In 2020, the fireworks display was held quietly while the fireworks display was canceled in various parts of Japan due to the spread of coronavirus infection.
In 2020, fireworks festivals were canceled in various parts of Japan due to the spread of coronavirus infection, but this event was also a fireworks festival held without a big announcement.
Beautiful fireworks such as large fireworks up toSize 8 shells, jumbo star mine fireworks, and the Yokai(legendary Japanese spirit) of Amabie’s Hanabi, which is said to have predicted abundant crops and plagues, were launched grandly.

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