Nature in Akita, Lake Tazawa & Dakigaeri Valley | Semboku, Akita Japan

秋田の風景 田沢湖・抱返り渓谷 田沢湖抱返り県立自然公園 | 秋田県仙北市

Nature in Akita, Lake Tazawa & Dakigaeri Valley | Semboku, Akita Japan

Located in the eastern part of Akita Prefecture Japan, Tazawako Dakigaeri Prefectural Natural Park is a natural park that covers Lake Tazawa, which boasts the deepest depth in Japan, and the Dakigaeri Valley created by the flow of the Tamagawa River.
Along with Kakunodate, it is a tourist attraction that represents Semboku City, Akita Prefecture, and along with the richness of nature, the lapis lazuli and pastel blue water surface create a beautiful landscape.

Lake Tazawa
Lake Tazawa, where the legend of Princess Tatsuko remains, is an almost circular lake with a circumference of 20 km, and the maximum depth is 423.4 meters, which is the deepest in Japan.
Here is also called Lake Baikal in Japan because it is the 17th deepest lake in the world.
The lake water is also called Tazawako Blue because it has a unique and beautiful color with a sense of transparency such as lapis lazuli and dark blue.

Dakigaeri Valley(Gorge)
Dakigaeri Valley, also known as Yabakei in the Tohoku region, is a scenic spot located in the middle of the Tamagawa River, which is a tributary of the Omono River, and has a total length of about 10 km.
The view from “Kami no Iwahashi”, the oldest suspension bridge in Akita Prefecture, completed in 1918, is very beautiful.
Here, you can admire the beauty of the valley, which is rich in nature such as fresh greenery and autumn leaves, along with the fantastic stream of pastel blue.

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