Tashirojima, which arrives in about 40 minutes from the departure and arrival point of the Ajishima Line near the mouth of the Kitakami River in Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture, is a remote island that has become very famous as a cat island belonging to Ishinomaki City, Miyagi Prefecture Japan.
Tashirojima, which has an area of about 2.92 square kilometers and is home to about 60 inhabitants, has developed as an island for coastal and offshore fishing.
There are two settlements on this island, the Nitoda district in the south and the Odomari district in the north.
Cats have long been valued as auspicious creatures that invite big catches on this island, and it is said that when a cat that died in a rock collapse accident was buried, big catches continued and marine accidents disappeared.
There is also a “cat shrine” on this island where cats that have invited big catches are enshrined.
On the island, there are tourist facilities such as Manga Island where lodges gather, the rest area “Shima no Eki(Island Station)”, and Kuronekodo(Black Cat hall).
Although it is prohibited for tourists to feed cats, we are soliciting donations at the “Cat Food Box” installed on the island.
And the islanders are feeding while managing the physical condition of the cat.
There was an encounter with a kitten similar to a black cat who died at the age of 21 in the spring of 2020.
It was a farewell on the spot, but I had a mysterious experience that made me think that there really was a story about a reincarnation of a cat or a dead cat coming to see me.


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