Lake Tase Water and Aerial Fireworks Festival | Hanamaki, Iwate Japan

2019年 田瀬湖湖水まつり 水・空中花火大会 | 岩手県花巻市

Lake Tase Water and Aerial Fireworks Festival 2019

Lake Tase Water and Aerial Fireworks Festival held on July 27, 2019 at a special venue on Lake Tase in Hanamaki City, Iwate Prefecture Tohoku Japan. Haga Fireworks Co., Ltd. in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, which has a factory near the venue, is in charge of the event, and you can enjoy about 3,500 beautiful fireworks such as star mine fireworks display and 12 inch fireworks shells, and water fireworks that bloom in a semicircle on the water.
Although it was blessed with fine weather on the day of the fireworks display, it began to rain 20 minutes before the opening time. It has become a thing.

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In addition, we have started live streaming distribution that conveys the real presence of the site, and production and release of 4K HDR video using material shot with 32bit float recording and Blackmagic RAW.
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  9. 2021年 鼠ヶ関コロナ退散祈願・海の安全祈願花火大会

    Nezugaseki Corona convergence Prayer & Sea Safety Prayer Fireworks Festival 2021

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