Takayu Onsen Hot Spring Park Footbath | Fukushima Pref. Japan

福島県 高湯温泉 あったか温泉公園の足湯

It was “Attaka hot spring park” which was established 50 meters above the Takayu hot spring public bath “attakayu” in Fukushima City, Fukushima Prefecture tohoku Japan. Takayu hot spring is a spa town situated on the middle of the Azuma mountain range, a spa town near the entrance of Bandai Azuma Skyline heading for Joudo-daira and Azuma koFuji, the tourist attraction of Fukushima.
This hot spring is also known as the famous hot spring which is positioned as one of Ou san takayu(Ou three famous hot springs) which line up with Zao Onsen in Yamagata Prefecture and Shirabu Onsen in Yonezawa City. Most of hot spring accommodations in Takayu hot spring are 100% natural hot springs due to natural flowing down using height difference. Also, because it is a sulfur spring, it has a pleasant scent of sulfur throughout the hot spring town.
This time we introduce “Attaka Onsen Park” was established as a pond of a hot spring, but now it can be used as a foot bath.

Takayu Onsen Hot Spring Park Footbath

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