Takayanagi & Yamada Foods Presents Cheer Up Fireworks Final 2020 | Daisen, Akita Japan

タカヤナギ・ヤマダフーズ Presents 元気花火プロジェクト2020 | 秋田県大仙市

Takayanagi & Yamada Foods Presents Cheer Up Fireworks Project Final 2020

Takayanagi and Yamada Foods Presents Genki Fireworks Project 2020, which was held in Akita Prefecture Japan, reached its final on August 27, 2020 in Omagari, Daisen City.
The Omagari All Japan National Fireworks Competition, which is one of the three major fireworks festivals in Japan, has been postponed until 2021 due to the spread of coronavirus infection.
However, this project is a mini-fireworks display that was held mainly by two companies that also provided special starmine fireworks display in the same competition.

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  1. 2017年 田瀬湖湖水まつり水・空中花火大会 | 岩手県花巻市

    Taseko Lake Festival Water and Aerial Fireworks Show 2017 | Hanamaki, Iwate japan

  2. 2020 松島手樽を元気にする協議会収穫花火大会 | 宮城県松島町

    Matsushima Tedaru Fireworks Festival 2020 | Matsushima, Miyagi Japan

  3. 2010年 第20回 赤川花火記念大会 | 山形県鶴岡市

    20th Akakawa Fireworks Memorial Festival 2010 | Tsuruoka, Yamagata Japan

  4. 2017年 わたりふるさと夏まつり花火大会 | 宮城県亘理町

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  5. 秋田空港から離陸する全日空のB787と視界不良で羽田に引き返す旅客機

    ANA BOEING 787-8 Take off&Diverted at Akita Airport in Winter

  6. 2019 錦秋湖湖水まつり花火大会 | 岩手県西和賀町

    kinshuko Lake Festival Fireworks Show 2019 | Nishiwaga, Iwate Japan

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