Night Plane Spotting at Sendai Airport and Super Moon

飛行機の離着陸 仙台空港の夜景映像とスーパームーン

Night View of Sendai Airport and a takeoff and landing video of airplane.Early summer sea breeze blowing from Sendai Bay generates night fog, and Airliners arrives and departs to Sendai Airport of fantastic night view.
Vapour have occurred from the tip of the main wing of the airplane approaching the runway of Sendai airport, and a characteristic takeoff and landing video of the summer night was produced.

Night Fog, Fantastic Plane Night Spotting at Sendai Airport.

Super Moon and the night view of the runway Lights was beautiful, Airplane Landing and Take off at Sendai Airport.
On June 23rd 2013 I was able to see Super Moon which is the largest size in 2013.
Super Moon in 2013 is a phenomenon in which the moon at a distance of 364,000 km from the Earth approaches 356,991 km, which is bigger than usual and a bright moon is seen.
On this day, I was photographing a passenger plane arriving and departing from Sendai Airport while watching Super Moon, but the shiny aircraft shining by the moonlight is also beautiful.

Twilight View&Super moon at Sendai Airport

A beautiful twilight view and a night view of Sendai Airport where airplanes coming from airports from all over Japan take off and landing.Traffic on the runway starts to gradually increase, passenger terminals and runways will also gradually become busy.
As the sun begins to sink, the sky and mountains turn red and the red light of the sun is reflected on the airliners that fly from Sendai airport.
As soon the sky gets dark, beautiful runway lights like Christmas lights light up and you can also see the fantastic night view of Sendai airport in Japan.

Twilight&Nightscape-Airliners landing&Take off at Sendai Airport

Beautiful night view of Sendai Airport and the airplane takes off and landing.The charm of night view scenery at the airport is that you can look at beautiful runway lights like Christmas lights and the scene where the plane take off and landing.
The night view of the Sendai airport which can be felt only by the sound and light different from the daytime, sometimes feels attractive.

NIGHT PLANE SPOTTING Airliners Landing&Take off at Sendai Airport

video: Canon XA20 (1080p HD videos professional camcorder)

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