Sunset over typhoon and takeoff and landing of airplane in Sendai Airport

仙台空港 台風一過の夕焼けと飛行機の離着陸

This is a beautiful sunset and airplane takeoff and landing that you could see after typhoon 18 passed through Miyagi prefecture on September 16, 2013 passed away.Although it is Sendai airport which had been closed all the way due to wind storms, due to the weather recovery the flight resumed near the evening.Typhoons often lead to natural disasters, but after the typhoon has gone, I think we can see beautiful sunsets that can not be seen rarely

Beautiful Red dusk and plane landing&Take off at Sendai Airport

いいね ! しよう


  1. 2015年7月にオープン!仙台うみの杜水族館 | 宮城県仙台市

    Sendai Uminomori Aquarium opened in July 2015 | Miyagi Pref. Japan

  2. 仙台空港 超大型貨物機 ヴォルガドニエプル航空 アントノフAn-124ルスラーンの離着陸

    Huga Freighter of Volga Dnepr Antonov An-124 RA-82042 Landing&Takeoff in Sendai Airport

  3. 東北のウィンターイルミネーション SENDAI光のページェント 2013

    Christmas Light -SENDAI PAGEANT OF STARLIGHT | Miyagi Prefecture Japan

  4. 仙台市宮城野区蒲生のアパート

    One month after the Great East Japan Earthquake, Gamo District, Miyagino-ku, Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture Japan

  5. コダナリエ2014 東北のイルミネーション | 宮城県山元町

    Tohoku Illumination, Kodanarie 2014 | Miyagi Pref. Japan

  6. がんばれ!ニッポン!ロンドン オリンピック ANA全日本空輸 ボーイング767-300 JA8290

    London Olympics ANA All Nippon Airways Boeing 767-300 JA8290 Take off from Sendai Airport

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