Omagari Fireworks Show Spring Festa 2022 | Daisen, Akita Japan

大曲の花火 Spring Festa 春の章 2022 日本煙火芸術協会60周年記念事業花火

This is a video of the fireworks of the Omagari Spring Chapter World Fireworks and Japanese Fireworks held in Daisen City, Akita Prefecture Japan on April 30, 2022, and the 60th Anniversary Project Fireworks of the Japan Fireworks Artists Association.
Fireworks festivals all over Japan were canceled one after another during the two years when even daily life changed drastically due to the spread of coronavirus infection that continued from the spring of 2020.
And in Daisen City, Akita Prefecture, which is famous as a city of fireworks, the national fireworks competition, which is one of the three major fireworks in Japan, has been canceled for the second consecutive year.
It was difficult to hold all the fireworks in the four seasons of Omagari, but in 2022, it was held for two consecutive days under the name of Omagari Fireworks SPRING FESTA.
The new concept fireworks collection, which is positioned as the winter chapter on April 29, 2022, and the spring chapter are being held on April 30.
In the fireworks spring chapter of Omagari on the second day, we saw fireworks praying for the succession of the tradition of fireworks, which is also a Japanese culture that had been stagnant due to the spread of coronavirus infection, and for world peace.
Approximately 8,000 beautiful fireworks were launched, including the 60th Anniversary Project Fireworks of the Japan Fireworks Artists Association, which celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2020.

Omagari Fireworks Show Spring Festa 2022

0:00 オープニング花火
第1章 伝統~LEGACY~
2:01 第1章 伝統~LEGACY~パート1 「古」
4:03 第1章 伝統~LEGACY~パート2 「彩」
7:12 第1章 伝統~LEGACY~パート3 「技」
10:11 第1章 伝統~LEGACY~パート4 「極」 10号玉芸術花火10発
15:37 第1章 伝統~LEGACY~パート5 「舞」

18:45 第2章 創造~CREATE~パート1 花 ーBLOSSOMー
22:07 第2章 創造~CREATE~パート2 おもちゃ箱 ーTOY BOXー
25:09 第2章 創造~CREATE~パート3 物語ーSTORYー
30:52 第3章 飛翔~FUTURE~
43:23 フィナーレ花火 RESTART

Camera : Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 6K
Sound : ZOOM H6


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