Sony A7S Low light Test Videos Airplane&Fireworks&Scenery


Video Shooting in the low light with a mirrorless single lens reflex camera Sony α7S equipped with a full size CMOS sensor released by Sony on June 20, 2014. The a7S debuted with a 35 mm full-size Exmor CMOS sensor achieves high sensitivity with the highest ISO sensitivity of ISO409600 due to its high sensitivity and low noise characteristics. Even in internal recording, full HD recording with all pixel readout is realized without adding pixels, and this movie tested the dark place photographing performance which says the overwhelming high sensitivity of ISO 409600.

Recorded Videos
Plane night landing and Take off at Sendai Airport
Fukuroda waterfalls Autumn leaves light up
Music Star mine at Nagano Ebisukou fireworks festival
night view of Osaka international airport

Sony A7S Low light Test Videos Airplane&Fireworks&Scenery

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  1. 成田国際空港から離陸するルフトハンザドイツ航空 エアバスA380

    Lufthansa Airbus A380-800 Take off from Tokyo Narita Int’l Airport

  2. ANA創立60周年記念特別塗装機「ゆめジェット~You&Me~」が秋田空港から離陸

    ANA BOEING 767-300 Yume Jet JA8674 Take off from Akita Airport in Winter

  3. 飛行機の美しい着陸!仙台空港 エバー航空 エアバスA330-200

    EVA AIR AIRBUS A330-200 B-16308 Landing to Sendai Airport

  4. 雪を明るく照らしながら夜の秋田空港に着陸する全日本空輸のボーイング787

    ANA BOEING 787-8 Night Landing at Akita Airport in Winter

  5. 冬の秋田空港で発着する8機の国内線旅客機たち

    Eight domestic passenger planes arriving and departing at Akita Airport in winter

  6. タイ国際航空の大型旅客機 エアバスA380-800が成田国際空港から離陸

    Thai Airways International Airbus A380 Take off from Narita Int’l Airport

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