Sleeping Cute Cat, Cover one’s face with one’s hands


This video is an observation diary of a white cat sleeping while Cover one’s face with one’s hands.
I think that different humans have different sleeping patterns, but this cat also has a characteristic when it sleeps.
Although not every day, this cat sometimes sleeps with her face covered in her paws, which may be dazzling with fluorescent light, but I’m not sure why.
But there are times when the cat is so cute that it can be healed just by looking at it.

Sleeping Cute Cat, Cover one’s face with one’s hands

いいね ! しよう


  1. いたずら好きな白猫のドッキリ大作戦!白猫ミサイル発射!

    Mischievous white cat’s stunning strategy! White cat missile launch!

  2. ドギーマン じゃれ猫 LEDにゃんだろー光線

    Cattyman Jareneko LED nyandaro Ray

  3. 何を見ているのかわからないけど、何かを見つめている白猫

    I don’t know what I’m looking at, but a white cat staring at something

  4. 自動でペットに餌やり可能、便利な自動給餌器 LUSMO

    LUSMO, a convenient automatic feeder that can feed pets automatically

  5. LUSMO(ルスモ)ペットフード・オートフィーダー(自動給餌器)

    Feeding pets automatically LUSMO, a convenient automatic feeder

  6. 面白猫動画 ぬいぐるみを相手に激しく柔道をする白猫

    Funny cat video White cat playing violently judo against a stuffed animal

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