Japanese Steam Locomotive SL mooka C12 66 and C11 325


SL Mooka is a Japanese steam locomotive on the Mooka Railway that passes near Road Station Motegi in Motegi Town, Tochigi Prefecture Kanto Japan.
SL Mooka is a special rapid train operated by the steam locomotive towing the section between Shimodate Station and Mogi Station on the Mooka Line using the C12 66 from March 27, 1994.
If it is transit time, you can see the scenery of steam locomotives running along the Mooka Railway Mooka Line.
They also provided a fan service that made the steam whistle sound a long time when passing through Road Station Motegi where many children gathered on holidays such as Japan’s Golden Week.

Japanese Steam Locomotive C12 66

Japanese Steam Locomotive C11 325

Japanese Steam Locomotive SL Mooka C11 325 shot from Road station motegi in Motegi Town Tochigi Prefecture Kanto Japan.
This train made a dynamic restoration work at the Omiya Plant of JR East Japan for the C11 type steam locomotive exhibited at Mizuhara Junior high School in Agano City, Niigata Prefecture Koushinetsu Japan.This was the first commercial operation in November 1998.SL mooka is also traveling back and forth from the Shimodate station to Motegi station on the Mooka line on weekends.

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