Plane Spotting at Osaka Airport from Itami Sky Park & Senrigawa


Airplane takeoff landing video at Osaka International Airport (Itami airport). We compiled a video recorded from the Senri River bank famous as a airplane viewing spot and Itami Sky Park on the west side of the runway into an video of about 30 minutes. In the last part of the videos is recorded a beautiful night view of the runway which took a recorded from the Senri River bank. We compiled how to enjoy Itami airport where you can see the plane from anywhere in this one video. I hope you enjoy it as a reference for sightseeing in Osaka.

Plane Spotting at Itami Airport from Sky Park & Senrigawa

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  1. 中国国際航空(エアチャイナ)と中国国際貨運航空の飛行機離着陸映像

    AIR CHINA BOEING 747 & 737, AIRBUS A320 & 321 Landing & Take off at Tokyo Narita, Sendai Airport

  2. 全日本空輸 ボーイング767が大阪伊丹空港で離着陸

    ANA BOEING 767-300 Landing & Take off at Osaka Itami Int’l Airport

  3. 仙台空港から離陸するエア・ドゥのボーイング737-500 JA8196特別塗装機「ベア・ドゥ号」

    AIR DO BOEING 737-500 JA8196 Take off from Sendai Airport

  4. 成田国際空港 エールフランス エアバスA380-800の離着陸

    World’s Largest Plane of AIR FRANCE AIRBUS A380-800 Landing & Take off at Tokyo Narita Int’l Airport

  5. 成田国際空港 アメリカン航空の飛行機離着陸映像

    American Airlines Boeing 777 Landing & Take off at Tokyo Narita Int’l Airport

  6. 冬の秋田空港から離陸する全日本空輸のボーイング787-8

    ANA BOEING 787-8 DREAMLINER Night Take off from Akita Airport in Winter

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