Natural scenery of Shichikashuku Town Lake Choro & Nametsu Waterfall

宮城県七ヶ宿町の自然風景 長老湖 やまびこ吊り橋 滑津大滝

Natural scenery of Shichikashuku Town Lake Choro & Nametsu Waterfall

Video of the natural scenery of Shichikasyuku Town, Miyagi Prefecture tohoku japan, Lake choro, Yamabiko Suspension Bridge, and Nametsu Otaki falls.
The Yamabiko Suspension Bridge, located at the foot of Mt. fubou in Minamizao, is the largest suspension bridge in the Tohoku region with a total length of 120 meters.
From this bridge, you can see the superb view of the Yokokawa Valley and Mt. fubou.
After crossing this bridge and walking the promenade for about 15 minutes, you will reach the lake Choro, which is about 2 km long.
These two places are tourist attractions where you can enjoy beautiful scenery anytime from the fresh green of early summer to the autumnal leaves season, but not many people visit.
And in Shichikashuku-town, there is a waterfall called Nametsu Otaki.
This waterfall, located upstream of the Shiraishi River, has a height of 10 meters and a width of 30 meters, and is also called “Nikai Falls” due to its stepped shape.
All three of these areas have been developed for tourism, so anyone can feel free to drop by.

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