Omihachiman fire festival, Shinoda Fireworks 2016 | Shiga Prefecture Japan

2016年 篠田神社 近江八幡の火まつり「篠田の花火」 | 滋賀県近江八幡市

This video is the country-selected intangible folk cultural property Shinoda Fireworks held at Shinoda Shrine in Omihachiman City, Shiga Prefecture Japan on May 4, 2016.The country-selected intangible folk cultural property Omihachiman Fire Festival is a general term for events that use fire at certain times of the year, such as the Sagicho Festival, Hachiman Festival, and Shinoda Fireworks. Shinoda’s fireworks are in-process fireworks that are made by mixing sulfur, saltpeter, and paulownia ash, which are rare nowadays, and applying them to a pattern drawn on a board.
The fireworks, which take about a month to make, are about 15 meters high and about 25 meters wide, and each year a different theme is drawn.

Omihachiman fire festival, Shinoda Fireworks

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  1. 2016年 伊達市合併10周年記念事業「冬花火」| 福島県伊達市

    Winter Fireworks project to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the merger with Date City in Fukushima Prefecture.

  2. 2013年 大石田まつり最上川花火大会 | 山形県大石田町

    Oishida Matsuri Mogami River Fireworks Festival 2013 | Yamagata Pref. Japan

  3. 2016年 ひたちサンドアート フェスティバル 劇場型花火大会 | 茨城県日立市

    2016 Hitachi Sand Art Festival Theater type Fireworks Show | Ibaraki Prefecture Japan

  4. 2015年 ツインリンクもてぎ 花火の祭典・秋 | 栃木県茂木町

    2015 Twin Ring Motegi Fireworks Festival-Autumn | Motegi Town, Tochigi Prefecture Japan

  5. 2016年 市川三郷町ふるさと夏まつり 神明の花火大会 | 山梨県西八代郡市川三郷町

    Shinmei Fireworks Festival 2016 | Yamanashi Prefecture Japan

  6. 火災で中断しても最後まで開催してくれた2012年 酒田花火ショー | 山形県酒田市

    2012 Sakata Fireworks Show with Fire | Sakata City, Yamagata Prefecture Japan

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