Shinmei Fireworks Festival 2017 | Ichikawamisato, Yamanashi Japan

2017年 市川三郷町ふるさと夏まつり 神明の花火大会 | 山梨県市川三郷町

This is a video of the Ichikawamisato Town Furusato Summer Festival Shinmei Fireworks Festival held in Ichikawamisato Town, Nishiyatsushiro District, Yamanashi Prefecture Japan on August 8, 2017.
The predecessor of Shinmei’s fireworks is “Ichikawa Fireworks,” which was selected as one of the three major fireworks festivals in Japan during the Edo period. However, although this fireworks display was temporarily cut off in the long history, it gradually grew into a large fireworks display after it was revived in 1989, and now many fireworks fans from all over the country are visiting.
Shinmei fireworks are held on August 7th every year, and about 20,000 fireworks such as the launch of a 24 inch shell firework and the wide music star mine are launched in the night sky.

Grand Finale Fireworks

Opening to 24 inch shell to Super grand star mine
Opening Hanabi
24 inch shell firework
12 inch shells 10 shots
Wide Star mine Fireworks
Size 7 shells 10 shots
Grand Star mine Fireworks

Fireworks Contest
Memories with you in Shinmei/ Marutamaya Ogatsu Fireworks
Night sky dyed with gold and brilliance/Oguchi Fireworks
The world of fireworks drawn by Picasso/Yamauchi Fireworks
Universe-Birth of Stars-/Saiki Fireworks
Between the sky and the sea/Marugo

Grand Star mine to Hanabi Symphony
Hakubaku Presents Grand Star mine
24 inch shell firework
Happy Hills Alliance presents Grand Star mine
Ranger Hanabi
Suntory Kinmugi Presents Grand Star mine
Hanabi Symphony

Message Hanabi & propose Hanabi

2Theme fire Delivered to the world “Shinmei Fireworks” -Prayer for Peace-

いいね ! しよう


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