Shinmei Fireworks Festival 2017 | Yamanashi Prefecture Japan

2017年 市川三郷町ふるさと夏まつり 神明の花火大会 | 山梨県市川三郷町

This is a video of the Ichikawamisato Town Furusato Summer Festival Shinmei Fireworks held in Ichikawamisato Town, Yamanashi Prefecture Japan on August 8, 2017. Two major Fireworks manufacturing company in Ichikawamisato Town, Saiki Smoke Fireworks Co., Ltd. and Marugoh Co., Ltd. will be in charge of launching about 20,000 fireworks such as Music Star Mine, which launches 24 inch shells and colorful fireworks with music.
It is held on August 7th every year, but it was postponed for one day due to the influence of the typhoon.

2017 Grand Finale

2017 Theme Fire Delivered to the World “Shinmei Fireworks” -Prayer for Peace-

2017 Shinmei Fireworks Festival Opening, 24 inch shells, Oversized Star Mine
1. Opening Hanabi
2. 24 inch shells
3. 12 inch shells 10 Shots
4. Wide Star mine Fireworks
5. Size 7 shells 30 Shots
6. Grand Star mine Fireworks(Sponsor: Road Station Fujikawa)

2017 Fireworks Competition
1. Memories with you in Shinmei / Marutamaya Ogatsu Fireworks
2. Night sky dyed with gold and brilliance/Oguchi Fireworks
3. The world of fireworks drawn by Picasso/Yamauchi Fireworks
4. Universe-Birth of Stars-/Saiki Fireworks
5. Between the sky and the sea/Marugoh

2017 Grand Star mine・24 inch shells
1. Grand Star mine :Sponsor: Hakubaku
2. 24 inch shells
3. Grand Star mine:Sponsor: hill of happiness Alliance
4. Ranger Hanabi
5. Grand Star mine:Sponsor: Suntory Kinmugi
6. Hanabi symphony

2017 Message & Propose Hanabi

2017 Grand Star mine & 24 inch shells
1. Super Grand Star mine : Sponsor: Marumi Construction Industry
2. Grand Star mine : Sponsor: Marutomi
3. Grand Star mine : Sponsor: Central Nippon Expressway
4. Grand Star mine : JR Tokai
5. Lage shells with Star mine

2017 Grand Star mine, Supae Grand Star mine
1. Grand Star mine:Sponsor: YSK e-com
2. Grand Star mine: Sponsor: UTY TV Yamanashi
3. Grand Star mine: Sponsor: Eco Fukasawa Co., Ltd.
4. Grand Star mine: Sponsor: Maruai
5. Grand Star mine: Sponsor: Mitama no Yu

いいね ! しよう


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