2012 The Festival in Shibata Fireworks Festival | Shibata town, Miyagi Prefecture Japan

2012年 ザ・フェスティバルinしばた 花火大会|宮城県柴田郡

This is a video of The Festival in Shibata held on July 21, 2012 at the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force’s Funaoka Garrison in Shibata town, Miyagi Prefecture Japan.
This summer event is held in Shibata-cho, which is famous for its famous cherry blossoms, such as Funaoka Castle Ruins Park and Shiroishi river hitome Senbonzakura. It is held free of charge in garrisons where you cannot usually enter.
At around 19:30, there will be a fireworks display of 3,000 launches that decorate the last of the festival, with mikoshi and yosakoi starting at 15:00.
There is no launch of large shells, but fireworks will be launched mainly for Size 4 shell(4goudama), wide star mine fireworks display, etc.
Because the distance from the fireworks launch site to the viewing place is quite short, you can experience the power of the fireworks that are launched up close.

2012 The Festival in Shibata Finale Fireworks Festival

2012 The Festival in Shibata
Location:Japan Ground Self-Defense Force’s Funaoka Garrison in Shibata town, Miyagi Prefecture Japan
Date:July 21, 2012
open time:15: 00-21: 00 (festival) / 19: 30-21: 00 (fireworks display)
Fireworks launch Quantity: 3,000 shots
Pyrotechnist:Satoh fireworks

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