Night Plane Spotting at Osaka International Airport(Itami) from Senrigawa |Toyonaka, Osaka Japan

大阪伊丹空港 千里川土手から眺める滑走路夜景 飛行機離着陸 | 大阪府豊中市

Night Plane Spotting at Osaka International Airport(Itami) from Senrigawa

This is a beautiful night view of the takeoff and landing of airplanes and the runway taken from the Senri River embankment, which is a popular airplane photography spot at Itami Airport (Osaka International Airport). The night view video of Itami Airport released in the past was re-edited into a bright image and covered with music.
I want to publish the video without music, but I am recording without an external microphone because noise (airband radio waves?) Has entered the external recording microphone. The reason for using music for the video is that the built-in microphone made noise due to the wind when the plane passed overhead at low altitude.


  1. 仙台空港から離陸するエア・ドゥのボーイング737-500 JA8196特別塗装機「ベア・ドゥ号」

    AIR DO BOEING 737-500 JA8196 Take off from Sendai Airport

  2. 雨が降る秋田空港に着陸する大韓航空ボーイング737-900

    Korean Air Boeing 737-900 HL7725 landing to Akita Airport in the Rain

  3. 仙台空港から離陸する全日本空輸創立60周年記念特別塗装機「ゆめジェット~You&Me~」

    ANA 60th Anniversary Aircraft Boeing 767-300 Yume Jet Take off from Sendai Airport

  4. 仙台空港に台湾エバー航空のマクドネル・ダグラス MD-90が着陸

    EVA Air McDonnell Douglas MD-90-30 Landing to Sendai Airport.

  5. 大阪伊丹空港 旅客機の離着陸 日本航空 ボーイング767

    JAL BOEING 767-300 Landing & Take off at Osaka Int’l Airport

  6. 仙台空港周辺から眺める飛行機の発着と宮城の美しい夜景

    Night plane spotting at Sendai Airport in Japan

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