Sendai Airport, one year after the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred | Natori City, Miyagi Prefecture Japan

ウクライナ政府専用機 イリューシン Il-62M

One year has passed since the Great East Japan Earthquake that caused unprecedented damage and many deaths on the Pacific coast of the Tohoku region on March 11, 2011.
It has been a very long year for the people of Tohoku who have been looking at the changing landscape of their hometown, thinking of the dead, feeling sad and angerless.
Sendai Airport, which was damaged by the tsunami, started a temporary flight while the passenger terminal was unavailable, and at the end of 2011, all functions were finally fully restored.

3.11 One year after the Great East Japan Earthquake Silence at Sendai Airport
On March 11, 2012, a memorial service was held in various locations along the coast of the Tohoku region. At Sendai Airport, a silent prayer was held in front of the fountain on the first floor, dedicated to those who died in the earthquake.

Ukrainian government aircraft Ilyushin Il-62M takeoff
This is the take-off of the Ilyusin Il-62M, a Ukrainian government aircraft that will return home with the H.E. Mr. Volodymyr LYTVYN, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, who had been visiting Japan for both the international conference and the disaster-stricken area.

Sendai Airport All Nippon Airways Boeing 767-300 Takeoff
As part of ANA’s reconstruction assistance, an event was held to launch passenger aircraft with the reconstruction assistance logo as much as possible, mainly on Osaka and Okinawa routes operated by Boeing 767.

Sendai Airport 09 End Three consecutive aircraft taxiing and takeoff images
This is a scene where the Japan Coast Guard Dassault Falcon 900 JA8571 and Ibex Airlines Bombardier CRJ-700 JA06RJ and J-Air Embraer ERJ-170-100 take off in succession.

Sendai Airport United Airlines Boeing 737-800 takeoff
It was a day when I could see the same scenery as usual, but until Tohoku was fully restored, it was a day when I felt that it was still a long way to go.

Location: Sendai Airport, Natori City, Miyagi Prefecture Japan
Date: March 11, 2012

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