Airliner landing at Sendai Airport, where a storm is blowing | Sendai Airport, Miyagi Prefecture Japan

仙台空港 エバー航空 エアバスA330-200の着陸

The runway at Sendai Airport in Natori City, Miyagi Prefecture has a 3,000-meter runway extending east and west, and a 1200-meter A runway that is also used for the arrival and departure of small aircraft.Although there are several runways that are unusual at regional airports, airliners can only take off and land on runway B.
Especially in winter, strong west wind blows down from the Ou Mountain range and Mt. Zao.

EVA Air Airbus A330-200 landing to sendai airport
This airliner often sees a stable landing even in bad wind conditions.

J-Air Embraer 170 (ERJ170-100) landing to sendai airport
This is a scene of a small jet airliner that is easily affected by the wind, landing while being shaken up and down.

IBEX Airlines Bombardier CRJ-100LR JA02RJ landing
The CRJ-100LR, a twin-engine jet airliner manufactured and sold by Bombardier Aerospace of Canada, seems to have had a slightly hard landing.

ANA All Nippon Airways Boeing 767-300 JA8257 landing
After all, the larger the aircraft, the more stable the landing.

Originally, there was a windbreak around Sendai Airport, and people who farmed or lived in the surrounding area had been protected from salt damage and the effects of wind.
I think it was easy for passenger aircraft to land due to the presence of the windbreak forest, but the tsunami of the Great East Japan Earthquake may have destroyed all the windbreak forest, making it more susceptible to wind.

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