Cherry Blossoms Viewing spot, Shiroishi River Hitome Senbonzakura | Ogawara, Miyagi Japan

桜名所 白石川堤一目千本桜の風景と夜桜ライトアップ | 宮城県大河原町

Beautiful spring scenery in Japan. This is the scenery of the Shiroishi River Hitome Senbonzakura and the night cherry blossoms, known as a famous cherry blossom spot in Miyagi Prefecture.
The Shiroishi River Hitome Senbonzakura has been selected as one of the top 100 cherry blossom spots in Japan, and you can enjoy a superb view of over 1200 cherry blossoms, such as Somei Yoshino and Sendai Yoshino, blooming over a 8.5 km section along the Shiroishi River.
Particularly popular is the approximately 3.5km section between JR Funaoka Station and Ogawara Station, which has good public transport access.
The scenery of the cherry blossoms and the Zao mountain range seen from the vicinity of the main venue where the Ogawara Cherry Blossom Festival is held and the vicinity of the Niragamiseki Weir are particularly famous as shooting spots.
The cherry blossoms are lit up at night during the Ogawara Sakura Festival, and the fantastic scenery that is different from the daytime is very attractive.

白石川堤一目千本桜 夜桜ライトアップ 美しい日本の春の風景

Shiroishi River Hitome Senbonzakura
Location:Shiroishi River in Ogawara Town Miyagi Prefecture Tohoku Japan.
Best time to see cherry blossoms in mid April

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