Cherry Blossoms & Plane Spotting at Narita International Airport | Narita, Chiba Japan

成田国際空港の飛行機発着風景と桜を一望 成田市さくらの山公園 | 千葉県成田市

Cherry Blossoms & Plane Spotting at Narita International Airport

Adjacent to Tokyo Narita International Airport, Sakura no Yama Park is also a cherry blossoms viewing spot where beautiful cherry blossoms can be watched while watching the departure and arrival of airplanes.
Narita International Airport is an international airport representative of Japan, where airplanes from all over the world take off and land for an average of 689 times a day.
The number of takeoffs and landings at this airport is the second largest airport in Japan that is less than Tokyo International Airport (Haneda airport).
Of the two runways currently in operation, the A runway is the longest 4000 m runway in Japan that can take off and landing large airliners such as Airbus A380 and Boeing 747 of a super-large aircraft.
When cherry blossoms in Sakura no yama park are in full bloom in early April, a lot of people are also popular tourist attractions representing Narita, Chiba prefecture where people come to see flowers and planes.


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