Ryūsendō (龍泉洞) one of Japan’s three largest limestone caverns in Iwate Japan

ドラゴンブルーの地底湖が美しい鍾乳洞 龍泉洞 日本三大鍾乳洞

This is an video of Ryusendo Cave in Iwaizumi Town, Shimohei District, Iwate Prefecture Japan, which is one of the three major limestone caves in Japan along with Akiyoshi Cave and Ryuga Cave.
Ryusendo Cave has already been investigated and has a total length of 4088 meters, of which 700 meters are open to the public for sightseeing.
The water of the underground lake, which is also called dragon blue due to the name of the cave, is highly transparent and looks blue and shines, so it has been selected as one of the 100 best waters in Japan.
A total of eight underground lakes have been discovered, including undisclosed underground lakes other than the three currently open underground lakes.
Ryusendo Cave is still under investigation, but there are still many unknown parts, and it is said that the total length of the cave may be more than 5,000 meters.
The stalactites in the cave, which have been built over many years, are fantastically lit up with LED lighting, and various effects are set up in addition to the lit up of the beautiful underground lake, which is extremely transparent.
In addition, five types of bats inhabit the cave, and it has been designated as a natural monument designated by Japan along with Ryusendo Cave.
Ryusendo Shindo, which was discovered during road construction in 1967, is across the road in front of Ryusendo Cave.
Since stone tools and earthenware were discovered in the cave, an educational exhibition that doubles as a cave science museum is being held here.

Ryūsendō (龍泉洞) one of Japan’s three largest limestone caverns in Iwate Japan

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