Sendai Airport Summer sky landscape and airplane takeoff and landing | Natori city, Miyagi Prefecture Japan

仙台空港 夏空の風景と飛行機の離着陸 | 宮城県名取市

It is a scenery of Sendai Airport where the deep blue sky and white clouds like summer are beautiful.
Sendai Airport in summer often uses RWY09 to take off from west to east. Therefore, from the Sendai Airport Rinku Park on the west side of the runway, you can see the plane passing by and heading for takeoff.

Sendai Airport airplane takeoff and landing video with beautiful summer sky landscape

A 30-minute video of the airplane taken on that day taking off and landing.

The recorded airplane looks like this.

1.ANA All Nippon Airways Airbus A320-200 JA8654 Taxing
2.ANA All Nippon Airways Airbus A320-200 JA8391 Landing
3.ANA All Nippon Airways Airbus A320-200 JA8654 Take off
4.ANA All Nippon Airways Boeing 767-300 JA8363 Landing
5.ANA All Nippon Airways Boeing 767-300 JA8363 Take off
6.J-Air Bombardier CRJ-200ER JA207J Landing
7.IBEX Airlines Bombardier CRJ-700 JA06RJ Landing
8.EVA Air Airbus A330-200 B-16306 Landing
9.United Airlines Boeing 737-800 N27246 Take off
10.J-Air Bombardier CRJ-200ER JA207J Take off
11.IBEX Airlines Bombardier CRJ-200ER Landing and Take off
12.AIR DO Boeing 737-500 JA8595 Landing
13.ANA All Nippon Airways Airbus A320-200 JA8388 Landing
14.Asiana Airlines Airbus A321-200 HL8256 Take off
15.Air China Boeing 737-800 B-5570 Landing

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  1. 仙台空港に着陸したアメリカ海軍のC-40Aクリッパー輸送機

    US Navy C-40A Clipper Transporter 166696 landing at Sendai Airport in Miyagi Japan

  2. 東日本大震災発生前の仙台空港周辺と飛行機の発着風景|宮城県仙台市

    Scenery around Sendai Airport before the Great East Japan Earthquake | Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture Japan

  3. 仙台空港 エバー航空 エアバスA330-200 B-16308の着陸

    Sendai Airport EVA Air Airbus A330-200 B-16308 landing | Natori City, Miyagi Prefecture Japan

  4. 仙台空港 アシアナ航空 エアバスA321-200の着陸

    Landing of airliners taken from the old Sendai Airport Rinku Park | Sendai Airport, Miyagi Prefecture Japan

  5. 仙台空港の夜景 旅客機の離着陸映像 | 宮城県名取市

    Sendai Airport night view Airliners takeoff and landing | Natori city, Miyagi Prefecture Japan

  6. 日本三大稲荷 竹駒神社 松焚祭(どんと祭)の裸参り

    Takekoma Shrine Donto Festival Hadaka-mairi | Iwanuma City, Miyagi Prefecture Japan

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