Video of two passenger aircraft landing at Sendai Airport | Natori City Miyagi Prefecture Japan

エバー航空 エアバスA330の着陸

Airliners landing video at Sendai Airport, one year and two months after the Great East Japan Earthquake. On the embankment along the Teizan Canal, which runs on the east side of Sendai Airport, you can watch the plane pass overhead at low altitude.

EVA Air Airbus A330-200 landing

Sendai Airport EVA Air Airbus A330-200 landing
This is EVA Air’s Airbus A330-200 Aircraft registration B-16310, which passes overhead and lands at Sendai Airport.

Crosswind landing ANA Wings Bombardier Dash 8 (DHC-8-Q400)

Crosswind landing ANA Wings Bombardier Dash 8 (DHC-8-Q400) at Sendai Airport
Since the wind was blowing from the south side, I landed with the aircraft tilted to the left until just before touchdown.

Sadayama moat, which photographed these two aircraft, was a popular spot for airplane fans and couples to watch airplanes, but was closed off due to the restoration work following the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Location: Sendai Airport, Natori City, Miyagi Prefecture
Date: May 2012

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