Night View of Tokyo Narita International Airport

成田国際空港 さくらの山公園からの夜景 飛行機の離着陸

Night view of runway light at Tokyo Narita International Airport from Narita City Sakura no yama Park and Airplane take off and landing. “Narita city Sakura no yama park” also known as a cherry blossoms spot is also known as a night view appreciation spot where airliner and freighter visited from around the world can see the scenes departing from the airport at night.
This video used Sony Mirrorless Single Lens Reflex Camera α7S made by Sony.It is a camera equipped with a full size CMOS image sensor specialized for excellent high sensitivity performance and low noise.Even with the standard zoom lens of f6.3 you can record bright images.

Night View of Tokyo Narita International Airport

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    Asiana Airlines Airbus A380-800 HL7625 Landing & Take off at Narita International Airport

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