Red Twilight View of Sendai Airport-JAL Boeing 777-200ER Landing&Take off.

夕焼けが美しい仙台空港 日本航空 ボーイング777の離着陸

It is Boeing 777-200ER JA709J which is a Japan Airlines international flight passenger aircraft that takes off from Sendai airport with a beautiful view of the red sunset sky.
This plane took off from Sendai airport after completing flight as Sendai airport arrival and departure international flight charter direct flight to Milano, Italy.The sunset sky was very beautiful on the shooting day, and the plane flying out to the sky reddened looked beautiful.

Red Twilight View of Sendai Airport-JAL Boeing 777-200ER Landing&Take off.

Airport&Runway:Sendai Airport Japan.(SDJ/RJSS) R/W27
Airline:Japan Airlines(JL/JAL)
Aircraft:Boeing 777-200ER(Boeing 777-246/ER)

video: Canon XA20(1080p HD videos professional camcorder)
sound: stereo microphone audio-Technica AT9943

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