Cherry Blossoms Blooming at Raijinyama Kofun | Natori, Miyagi Japan

宮城県名取市 雷神山古墳の桜

Cherry Blossoms Blooming at Raijinyama Kofun

Raijinyama Kofun is the name of the largest anterior-posterior burial mound in the Tohoku region, which has been around for a long time on the east side of Natorigaoka, a residential area built in the hills of Natori City, Miyagi Prefecture Japan. Report under the name of “Uematsu hilltop main kofun” went up in 1930 around. However, subsequent topographical surveys revealed that it was a keyhole-shaped tumulus with a total length of 160 meters, which was built on an unprecedented scale in the Tohoku region, where the second place and below are within 120 meters in total length. From the construction method of this tumulus, it is said that it was built in the middle of the Kofun period, the end of the 4th century and the first half of the 5th century. However, it is still unknown who was the burial person, and it is speculated that it was probably the tomb of a powerful wide-area chief who ruled the Sendai Plain. This area is maintained as a historic park, and the beautiful cherry blossoms in the park bloom all at once during the spring cherry blossom viewing season. Since it is hardly known as a cherry blossom viewing spot in the Tohoku region and Miyagi prefecture, it is a cherry blossom viewing spot where locals and neighbors gather.

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