Manufacture of stainless steel box for radiator of self-made water-cooled personal computer

自作水冷PC ラジエーター用ステンレスボックスを製作

The second-generation personal computer, which was produced in place of a personal computer that was discarded due to the tsunami caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake, is now water-cooled.
Although the purpose was to aim for some CPU overclocking, the main purpose is to make the fan run at low speed to reduce noise.
The water-cooled radiator installed inside the PC case cools with the heat generated from the motherboard and other hardware.Therefore, an external radiator was installed.

In this state, the radiator, water pump and tank will be exposed.So I made a storage box with # 800 mirror stainless steel and put it in it.

Self-made water-cooled personal computer Ultra-mirror stainless steel radiator box

All the cooling fans glowed with LEDs, but the fun was gradually becoming annoying only at the beginning.

At present, this personal computer is swapping the CPU and motherboard.

Article that produced the current home-built personal computer
Rebuilt the broken water-cooled personal computer with Core i7 8700 and ASUS ROG STRIX Z390-F GAMING!

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