Pastoral Festival Fantastic Fireworks Show 2022 | Misato, Miyagi Japan

2022年 活き生き田園フェスティバル ファンタジック花火ショー | 宮城県美里町

This is a video of the Fantastic Fireworks Show at the Lively Living Pastoral Festival held in front of the Nango Government Building in Misato-cho, Toda-gun, Miyagi Prefecture Japan on June 11, 2022.
On the day of the fireworks display, it was delivered live on YouTube Live from the local area.
However, we will release a fireworks launch video that mixes the audio recorded with a total of 4 channels of M / S microphone and stereo pair microphone and the video of 5K resolution.
This festival has been canceled for the second consecutive year due to the spread of coronavirus infections that have continued since 2020 in Japan.
However, at this year’s festival, the number of visitors-participation-type events was reduced compared to the usual year, and there were stall corners, product markets, and exhibitions of working vehicles such as police vehicles and fire engines.
In the evening, a countdown stage by Sachiyo Nayuki, a saxophonist from Misato Town, was held, and beautiful fireworks such as Star Mine were launched from the vicinity of the rice fields in front of the Nango Government Building.

Pastoral Festival Fantastic Fireworks Show 2022


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