Partial lunar eclipse November 19, 2021 in Japan

2021年11月19日 ほぼ皆既状態の部分月食

This is a video of a partial lunar eclipse observed in various parts of Japan from the evening to the night of November 19, 2021.
The lunar eclipse that occurs when the moon enters the shadow of the earth includes the “total lunar eclipse” in which the entire moon is hidden by the true shadow of the earth and the “partial lunar eclipse” in which a part of the moon is hidden.
The lunar eclipse that could be seen this time is a “partial lunar eclipse”, but a phenomenon similar to the total lunar eclipse was observed in which 97.8% of the lunar eclipse was in the shadow.
In the observed Miyagi prefecture, clouds appeared at the time of the moonrise and the maximum eclipse, and at the end of the partial lunar eclipse.
However, I was able to take pictures of the lunar eclipse progressing and the moon coloring in bronze in 80% of the time.
The video of this partial lunar eclipse is about 2 hours long and can be viewed together with ambient music.
You can watch it as sleep music at bedtime, relaxation effect, healing music video with healing effect, and work BGM.

Partial lunar eclipse November 19, 2021 in Japan


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