Autumn Leaves in Oyasukyo Daifunto | Yuzawa, Akita Japan

小安峡大噴湯の紅葉 秋田県湯沢市小安峡温泉の風景

Autumn Leaves in Oyasukyo Daifunto

This video is the Oyasukyo Daifunto, which is located on the northwest side of Route 398 from Oyasukyo Onsen in Yuzawa City, Akita Prefecture Japan.
It is a tourist attraction in a V-shaped canyon formed by the rapids of the Minase River eroding both banks for many years.
Located in Kurikoma National Monument, it is also certified as a Geosite of Yuzawa Geopark. This area is located near Oyasukyo Onsen, which is located upstream, and is popular as a tourist destination because you can enjoy the magnificent scenery rich in nature throughout the four seasons. In addition to the fresh green and autumn leaves season, many tourists from inside and outside the prefecture visit throughout the year.
Not only can you enjoy the scenery overlooking the Kawarayu Bridge over the Minase River. From the promenade where you can go down to the riverside, you can see the hot steam spouting through the gaps in the rock surface.
Crossing National Route 398, there is a tourist product center with a free parking lot and toilets. In addition to purchasing souvenirs, you can also enjoy a footbath that flows directly from the source on the premises.
In 2020, Yuzawa City, the birthplace of Yoshihide Suga, who became the first Prime Minister in the Tohoku region, became well known, and Oyasukyo was visited by more tourists than usual.
Many people enter the promenade from the downstream side and exit from the upstream side, but the stairs on the upstream side have a steeper slope, so it is recommended to descend from the stairs on the upstream side and climb from the stairs on the downstream side.

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