Oya Coast Fireworks Festival 2021 | Kesennuma, Miyagi Japan

気仙沼市東日本大震災復興記念事業 2021年 大谷海岸花火まつり

This is a video of the Oya Coast Fireworks Festival 2021 held on November 28, 2021 at Oya Kaigan in Kesennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture Japan.
The Oya Kaigan Fireworks Festival has been suspended since 2018 due to the recovery and reconstruction work of the Great East Japan Earthquake and the effects of the coronavirus infection that has continued since last year.
A live event by singer-songwriter Michiyo Shirai and others was held at the roadside station Oya Kaigan, which opened on March 28, 2021, as a commemorative project for the reconstruction of the Great East Japan Earthquake in Kesennuma City.
From 19:00, beautiful fireworks were launched by Marugo Co., Ltd. in Ichikawamisato-cho, Nishiyatsushiro-gun, Yamanashi Prefecture Japan.

Oya Coast Fireworks Festival 2021


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