Oshino Hakkai(忍野八海) | World Heritage Fuji Five Lakes Travel in Yamanashi Japan

世界文化遺産 富士山の名水地・忍野八海(おしのはっかい) | 山梨県忍野村

Oshino Hakkai(忍野八海)

Oshino Hakkai(忍野八海) is a spring pond whose water source is the underflow water of Mt. Fuji, which has the highest altitude in Japan, and is a tourist attraction located in Oshino Village, Yamanashi Prefecture Japan.
Lake Oshino, which used to be in the Oshino village area, has dried up and this area has become a basin. But the exit of the spring water that the water flowing from Mount Fuji and neighboring mountains has become a source of water was remaining as a pond.
It has also been selected as a nationally designated natural monument and one of the 100 best waters, and in 2013 it was registered as a World Cultural Heritage as part of the “Fujisan, sacred place and source of artistic inspiration.”
The large pond, which is called Nakaike, where souvenir shops and restaurants are concentrated, is extremely transparent and has the beauty of cobalt blue shining water.
This pond has become a popular spot in the area, but since it is an artificial lake, it is not included in the naturally occurring Oshino Hakkai springs.
It is also known that cherry blossoms bloom in spring, and it is also a popular cherry blossom viewing spot along with Oshino Fuji, which can be seen from Oshino Village.


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