Omagari Delivery Hanabi Show 2021 by North Japan Fireworks

個人スポンサーによるプライベート花火 ㈱北日本花火興業・デリバリー花火

Omagari Delivery Hanabi Show 2021 by North Japan Fireworks

This is a video of the delivery Hanabi provided by North Japan Fireworks Co., Ltd.(Kita Nihon hanabi Kogyo) and a private sponsor held at Omagari Fireworks Park (Omonogawa Riverbed) in Daisen City, Akita Prefecture Japan on July 22, 2021.
Delivery Hanabi is a new service that allows individuals, groups, and companies to invest in and hold their own original fireworks display in a private space.
You can enjoy beautiful fireworks by directly requesting the fireworks shop to launch fireworks without an organizer, such as corporate community contribution activities, alternative events of town associations summer festivals, or surprise fireworks on special anniversaries with family and lovers.
On July 22nd, the All sides bloom fireworks(Happozaki) Collection was launched with the theme of BRIGHT FUTURE, in line with the music of the movie “The Greatest Showman”, NEVER ENOUGH.

North Japan Fireworks Delivery Hanabi


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